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Discussion topics include Marriage, Sensuality, Intimacy, Pleasure, and Sex.

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"Thanks for being an incredible leader. I have grown as a woman and as a wife. My marriage has gotten stronger as a result of my connection with you and the women connected to our group. Thanks for your transparency and leadership" -Stephanie W.

"I’m proud of my tried-and-true leader who has selflessly dedicated her self to the outlet made of other women. Sacrifice like that today is not usual and I don’t take it for granted. Monique is able to be truthful, insightful, funny and a very transparent. You definitely feel like “we are in this together!” -Janelle H.

"I am better for being under your leadership and a part of this Sisterhood. God bless your whole life and keep using you for His glory." -Angelina A.

"Thank you for being so loving and thoughtful. Thank you for always being here for me." -Sabrina P.

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